I need to clean house tab dump

EEEK! The tabs got away from me today.  But my crazy read-news-in-stolen-moments-habit will provide an interesting tour around the internet for those inclined to follow tonight.

First up, Pundette expounds brilliantly on the travails of Ben Nelson in “Buying votes can be tricky.” 

Michael Barone examines David Brooks and his educated class and compares them to the Tea Party crowd.  It all boils down to style vs substance.  Nicely done.

Thune for President? Hat tip: The Patriot Room.  This made me laugh/snort/choke on my tea:

Thune is generating buzz, but the early chatter also poses an important question: With few significant accomplishments, is the talk reflective of somebody seen as real presidential timber or a leading indicator of a party establishment casting about for a candidate in what could be a thin field?
Seriously?  Thune has been in the Senate for six years thus far.  Um, that’s three times longer than BHO.  And since I’m a betting woman, I believe Thune has done more than vote “present” and write autobiographies about his “thin” accomplishments. 
Here’s Gateway Pundit on the Obama’s belt-tightening-for-thee-but-not-for-me (on your dime!) attitude: After Obama tells America “everyone must sacrifice” the White House throws one party every three days.”  With wagyu, too.
On the Pat Robertson and Haiti nonsense at American Spectator.
I’m not sure what to think of this over at NiceDeb, but since Obama campaigned on a let’s-start-up-a-national-defense-force-funded-as-well-as-the-military promise (and he really needs to find jobs), then… well, I need to think about it.  With this crew in power, brown shirts aren’t out of the realm of possibility (dreaming, on their part perhaps).  Though the shirts would more likely be purple

 A little Steyn on evil-afoot-in-Europe rounds out the evening. 

And finally, something to really smile about.  I had no idea why one of my favorite blogs was down for maintenance for the past few weeks until tonight.  Mommylife’s daughter auditioned for American Idol, and made it!  To give Maddy a better chance, Barbara (mommylife) took the blog down until after the show aired.  Congrats to Maddy! You sang beautifully.  I’m not normally an AI fan, but will be watching you this season.  Good luck and God Bless!

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