No child left without a copy of Rules for Radicals

“Why aren’t you homeschooling yet?” asks Robert Stacy McCain in response to Pamela Geller’s latest Obama education  indoctrination exposé.

And what are our American high schoolers doing now, you ask? 

Oh, getting out the vote for Obama’s agenda.  For course credit no less!

Recommended reading?  None other than Alinsky.  Scroll down Geller’s post for the copies of the application.

Somehow, I can imagine what the headlines would be if this were a GOP effort.  But turning your kids into Obamatons on your dime?  Priceless.  McCain points to Howard Zinn’s inclusion on AP History reading lists, so it isn’t like kids learn real history anyway.  He writes:

For decades, public schools have been a laboratory where America’s children are used as guinea pigs for the experimental education projects of the elite. And what is astonishing is that so many parents tell themselves, “Oh, that stuff’s not going on in my kid’s school.”

Well, it is. If you’re too stupid to realize it, you’re part of the problem. There is no point trying to “fix” the system, because the system itself is the problem

Read the rest.

Brings new meaning to the NYT headline “Obama to Seek Sweeping Change to “No Child” Law.”

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