Best line from a Democrat ever

Evan Bayh:

If I could create one job in the private sector by helping to grow a business, that would be one more than Congress has created in the last six months.

Private sector! Grow a business! Heh. No wonder all the liberals are peeved. (Legal Insurrection has more on this). 

My worry in all this Bayh mess, as described by Pamela Geller:

Many capitalists, freedom lovers and individualists are gleeful about all of the early retirements of statists and crooks in the Democrat party. Rats bolt a sinking ship. They believe this indicates victory. It does not. While Republicans are rubbing their hands in glee at the sheer number of Democrat incumbents not running for re-election, I am not.

It is often said if the Democrats are the vicious party, the Republicans are the stupid party.  What the Republicans lack in malevolence, they try to make up for with earnestness. But make no mistake: the Democrats never back down, never give up, never give in. They don’t. They are pit bulls. And while the Democrats are devoid of good ideas and good governance, they excel in abhorrent and detestable tactics in winning. They work by stealth.

And in this case, the retirements don’t indicate defeat. They indicate a new Democrat strategy. The retirements are part of a plan: everyone under the bus for the good of the party and the socialist state it is constructing. The Democrat strategy for 2010 is to make the failure of Barack Obama and the Pelosi/Reid Congress all about the incumbents, not the party itself. They are going to make the failure of this Administration about the candidates, not the party, when in fact it is party, party, party. Take the rancid Dodd, for example. He will be replaced with an attractive statist who does not have the ugly history of Dodd’s graft, corruption and racketeering, but who shares Dodd’s collectivist bent.

 Don’t give up the good fight, folks.  Geller is right: it’s only just starting.


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