A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Or in this case, a fetid Obamacare voted by reconciliation–oh, wait, don’t call it reconciliation.  As Pundette said:

Because after a year of this, the electorate knows what that means. And like Obamacare, they don’t like it.

The new code: “up-or-down vote” or “simple majority.” 

Video H/T: Hot Air

Vote-counting begins.  As does vote-buying.  (Pardon me, would your brother like to be a judge? If you vote yes…)

Fuzilippers has the latest on the vote-buying: Michelle Bachmann has called for an investigation. (Can I hear a chorus of “Thank you, Ma’am,” please?).  Fuzi also gleaned this tidbit last night from the American Thinker.  Seems as though our Chicago Thug President saved that pot of Porkulus money for the elections.  What a surprise.  When Jim Bunning wanted to use leftover Porkulus money for the unemployment extension, the WH said no.  They want to sprinkle it out to help get out the vote.  I wonder how much of it will go to buy cigarettes.  Jed Skillman at American Thinker:

This is exactly what the Senator Jim Bunning fuss was all about. A little over two weeks after they outlawed unsecured spending, in their first piece of major financial legislation, the Democratic majority ignored half a trillion dollars still sitting in Stimulus funds and went ahead and borrowed other billions without indicating how they’d pay it back.

Of course, the suspicion is that the Stimulus money is not meant for things like unemployment or highway funding…not now, at least. Those funds are scheduled to be released later this summer and into the fall in order to give a sugar-boost to the economy just before the midterm elections. Barack Obama may be a Harvard-educated lawyer, but as a politician, he’s pure Chicago. Stashing away a slush fund of public money to dole out at election time is exactly the kind of ethical juggling they do every day of the week back in the Windy City. The plan is to leave the economy in the tank until we need people to vote. 

 Read the rest.  Know the enemy.  Michelle Malkin has more.

A second video this morning, H/T Pundette, who also offers real hope via Rep. Bart Stupak:

“If that is the one [the Senate health bill] they are presenting in reconciliation to the members of the House of Representatives, I’ll bet you that won’t even come close to passing. It will be defeated soundly. Members do not want to vote for it. Not only do they not like the bill, the process has been tainted and we’re not going to attach our names to it.”


I would say let’s pray, but William Jacobson offers a warning and a prediction if indeed that happens: Obama will sign Senate bill if reconciliation fails.

So let’s pray the Republicans kill this in any way possible instead.


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