Weekend reading

Craziness: “extra small” condoms made for 12-yera-old boys.  Patrick Archibold writes:

We cannot market cigarettes using a camel for fear of influence on children but marketing condoms to kids is just fine?

Apparently so in our Alice in Wonderland reality these days.

Doug Ross has an interesting update on Dealergate: what a surprise that newly-franchised dealers are Obama doners while the nearly out-of-business owners of car lots stripped of the Chrysler franchise on O’s orders were largely Republicans.  Never underestimate these goons.

Need a laugh: head over to The Other McCain for Married at 10? Divorced at 12?  Who Wants to Play ‘Guess Which Religion’? 

Required reading: Paul Ryan vs. The President over at the WSJ.

Pundette on the endless assault of the male in our society: Emasculate them early

A Democrat calls it like he sees it: Deaf To America

Doug Ross details the State of Chaos in California.  We need to crush public sector unions before we see pictures of Americans protesting a la Grecque.  Quickly.

Pundette at Potluck with a smorgasbord of Steyn.  Good stuff.


3 Responses

  1. I guess if they had the votes in the House they would have held the vote ASAP. So that’s promising. But Obama’s whole presidency rests on passing this. If he doesn’t pass it, he’s through. So they will pull out all the stops. They will make whatever deals will be necessary. So I’m afraid I don’t share your optimism. I hope to God you’re right and i’m wrong. Have a good night.

  2. Thanks for all these links. It’s so disheartening. They are going to pass this Obamacare and there’s no way to stop it. I hope we can make them really pay in November and I hope it’s all repealable.

    • Most welcome, Manny. Thanks for coming back ; )
      They will pay in November, but I still think this tranwreck can be stopped.

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