How do liberals express betrayal?

A knife in the back if your name is Rahm.  (Maybe Obama should have given thought to hiring someone who infamously sent the dead fish. He might be on the receiving end of a horse head soon.)

Dana  Milbank wrote a all-hail-Rahm-Emanuel piece last week painting Rahm as the only thing saving Obama from turning into Carter.  It’s become the gift that keeps on giving.  (And I thought Republicans were embroiled in a civil war, no?)

From The Hill: Unrest within Democrat Party plays out in controversy over Rahm Emanuel’s role

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has become a reluctant central figure in the battle between liberals and centrists in the Democratic Party.

A spate of recent reports have portrayed Emanuel, known for his aggressive brand of Washington politics, as either the voice of reason in a weak, liberal White House or the wet blanket preventing President Barack Obama from pursuing the kind of change he promised as a candidate.

Does Intrade have a “Rahm Emanuel gets the boot” yet?  Yep.

More fun:

Emanuel has become the flash point in those arguments as liberals express betrayal over Obama’s failure to convince Congress to pass a public option in healthcare reform and close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Evidence of meltdowns?  Michael Moore offers to become Rahm’s replacement.  (The comments make very interesting reading over at HuffPo).


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