Extreme Makeover: Obamacare Edition

Obama's Extreme Makeover House

Would you want to "move that bus" if you knew this was on the other side? Welcome to Obamacare.

After vehemently disagreeing with my father-in-law all week long regarding every aspect of Obamacare, I offer this Walter Williams piece on rights and wishes.  With his usual ease and eloquence, my favorite economics professor writes:  

Say a person, let’s call him Harry, suffers from diabetes and he has no means to pay a laboratory for blood work, a doctor for treatment and a pharmacy for medication. Does Harry have a right to XYZ lab’s and Dr. Jones’ services and a prescription from a pharmacist? And, if those services are not provided without charge, should Harry be able to call for criminal sanctions against those persons for violating his rights to health care?

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  1. […] Posted on August 2, 2010 by pjMom Kudos to this lady.  She must be a fan of Walter Williams, too.  H/T: Breitbart […]

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