Unexpected Sighting

So goes the Beltway so goes the nation? 

It doesn’t usually work out quite like that.

After the election in 2008, living in metro DC was difficult at best if you hadn’t imbibed the Obama kool-aid freely.  

Cardboard Obamas leered from every corner. 

Airports.  Grocery stores.  Malls.  Even beer wasn’t free from taint; brew pubs sold “Inagural-ale.”  Inescapable Barack.

Last month the Obama store at Union Station closed due to lack of business, and I noted the local BigLots still had Obama commemorative plates (replete with 14k rims!) floundering on the shelves at less than two bucks a pop.  

But yesterday’s sighting shocked me: inside a touristy gift store at Reagan National Airport, a “Nope” t-shirt.

Inside the Beltway. 



One Response

  1. Stock up on those 14k rimmed plates; you can melt them down and have something that will still be of value when BO pushes us into hyper inflation. 😉

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