It’s MightyMouse?

Here he comes to save the day to redistribute wealth and punish the middle class. 

When he's not bowing down to world leaders, O dashes off to spend as many tax dollars as he can!

Who will be hit hardest under Obamacare?  From Scott Gottlieb:

The hardest hit won’t be those earning more than $250,000 a year–the group that he says needs to “pay their fair share.” Rather, it’s families whose combined annual income is around $100,000 who could be crushed under this plan.

Many of these middle-class families will probably opt to pay the federal fine, and go without health insurance until they get sick.

These folks will be too “rich” to qualify for ObamaCare’s subsidies, but probably too poor to easily afford the pricey insurance that the president’s plan forces them to buy.

Many of these $100K families will be obliged to buy a policy costing an average of $14,700 for the mid-level, “silver” health plan, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimates. After income taxes, they’ll be spending almost a quarter of their net income for health insurance.

Read the rest.

Burn up the phones.  Pray like you’ve never prayed before.  And if you’re in the DC area check out two impromptu protests this weekend: one Friday in Fairfax at GMU’s Patriot Center and the other on Capitol Hill Saturday with Jon Voight and Michele Bachmann.


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