You’re fed up with lunch? I’m fed up with the government (Reason to homeschool number 10,003)

I came across this blog yesterday via yahoo and couldn’t put my finger on what bothered me so much.  A teacher has taken it upon herself to eat the daily offering from her school cafeteria.  She then writes about the meal’s palatability, (un)healthiness, and posts a handy pic as well. 

As someone who hated school lunches growing up–who doesn’t?–and someone who taught, I admit to the initial intrigue.

Her solution to the problem?  More money, of course.  “We demand change.”  Let’s all hear the chorus: But it’s for the children.

We need make the long-term investment in children. We need to fund education. We need the best teachers. We need to feed students the best food we can find so that they can reach their potential as leaders. We are the USA after all! We act like we are the best, but look at how we fund education and school lunches. Do we really value children?

Hey anonymous teacher, schools are well-funded.  And how can schools afford the best teachers if the worst among you can’t be fired because of union contracts?  As for food, it’s no secret that school meat doesn’t meet fast food standards.  

What do you expect? It’s a government-run program

What does she fail to point out?  It’s a government-run program

Why is it not successful?  It’s a government-run program. 

Why are the meals so unhealthy?   It’s a government-run program

Why do the workers not care?   It’s a government-run program…

So in a nutshell, like every other government-run-don’t-measure-us-by-our-failures-but-by-our-good-intentions-program, the education system beast needs more money to make lunch palatable, sustainable, organic, and “better” for the “poor kids” who “only have this one meal a day.”


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