Demonpass Protest 3.20

I am awed by the number of people who turned out on Capitol Hill with two days’ notice. 

The protest today felt slightly smaller than the one last November before the House vote.  (Wheeling a giant BOB running stroller through throngs of people provides keen insight into how tightly the crowd is packed).  I could be wrong: A crowd estimate of  25,000.  

It was difficult to hear the speakers because of the crowd size.  But a stillness fell over the crowd as everyone sang “The Star Spangled Banner.” 

It was beautiful. 

I feel energized for the next round of fighting after seeing and meeting so many amazing people who brought their kids and who drove through the night after work to be here.  This isn’t the end regardless of tomorrow’s outcome.

Check out my flickr photo stream on the right for more.

More on the protest and from Michelle Malkin and Instapundit.

UPDATE from TPM, courtesy Pundette:

Rep. Mel Watt told TPMDC after emerging from a whip meeting on Capitol Hill that Democrats will have three votes instead of the “deem and pass” one-vote move they were considering all week.

Watt (D-NC) told Brian Beutler that on Sunday there will be three votes, ending the kerfuffle Republicans made over the parliamentary tactic of holding one vote.

“There’s gonna be three votes as I understand it: the rule, the reconciliation, and the Senate bill,” Watt said.

As Watt spoke, tea party rally attendees were nearby yelling they want Congress to kill the bill.

I guess they did hear us after all.


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