GOP dilemma, according to yahoo news: “how to appear to be a respectable party capable of governing”

What a joke.

From yahoo “news” –I use the term loosely:

But the “Baby killer!” furor highlights a far more serious, long-term political dilemma for the Republicans: how to appear to be a respectable party capable of governing while also providing political shelter for the highly motivated, though vocally disruptive, protest wing of the party associated with the Tea Party movement.

Highly motivated, vocally disruptive protest wing? 

You betcha.

Those damn Constitution lovers.   

As for causing the GOP’s loss of respectability, the party lost all credibility after pandering to Beltway liberals after every election.  Fellows like Paul Ryan help restore faith in Republicans.


7 Responses

  1. I’m really liking Paul Ryan. He appears to possess some ‘nads. I wonder if he’s interested in the Presidency.

  2. Yes, I love how prim and proper the left gets over “baby killer’ (but calling American citizens “teabaggers” on the House floor is A-okay). Whatever. I’m over them one hundred and ten percent. They live in a bizarro world that I will never allow my country to become. They will be pushed back into the shadows where they belong.

  3. Just remembered . . . This reminds me of Andrew Klavan’s classic video about liberal insistence that conservatives shut up. Link here.

  4. They just can’t think of enough ways to tell Conservatives to shut up.

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