OMG the movers arrive in a month?! tab dump

Forgive the light posting from a slightly stressed out military wife.  That season is upon us: PCSing.  Or, for the uninitiated, Permanent Change of Station.  Last time, pjToddler was but a dream.  Now the reality of moving cross-country with a toddler who thrives in routine when we have yet to find a place to live has dawned.  Fully.  Gulp.  Any moving with a toddler tips out there? 
Fellow Steynette (he’s on Rush now) Hyacinth Girl looks at Obamacare and the infantile mentality it confers.  H/T: Pundette.
Instapundit’s mailbag brings a delightful lesson in civility.
George Will takes a look at birthright citizenship and how it induces illegal immigration.  Did the founders make a mistake?  No.  Read it.
Why can’t the GOP embrace this?  Why we need the flat tax.  

4 Responses

  1. Meant to say, “Mom = home.”

  2. PJ Mom – Did a total cultural change with my just-turned-3-year old. (Continent, language, diet, the whole nine yards.) 1. Expect a fallback of about 3 months behavioral development. (Not to worry, things will even out.) 2. Pack a BIG box with every toy, and unpack it first. (Ah, those familiar possessions.)

    PS. Together, you’ll do fine. At that age, Mom is home.

    • WOW, QR on total cultural change. I am in awe. Suddenly across-the-continent with my not-quite-two-year-old doesn’t seem so drastic. I wish we were doing a door-to-door move, but we have to leave this house before we really “leave” the area… then three weeks or so in flux… and we’ve yet to find a place to live on the back end. Sigh. So we won’t be unpacking the big box o’ toys for a while. We can usually keep her engaged with books and her favorite small toys… and she’s very fond of silly games we’ve invented (with, of all things, an acorn). But it will test the limits of toddlerhood, I’m sure.

  3. bring a lot of cheerios, that magnetic writer thing, and sedatives (for you)…hahaha.

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