Can you see Michelle singing “Don’t Cry for Me?”

Not so much.  But we’re headed for Argentina-style disaster.  From the Washington Examiner, United States of Argentina. 


2 Responses

  1. “What scares me most: I used to read things like that and think, wow, what must life be like in a Thugocratic Socialist state? Now I read things like that and say, wow, I wonder when Obama will try that.”

    Exactly, how much damage have they inflicted in a short time? There has been so much and we are not even half way through this nightmare. The GOP better be prepared to lead if they take the House in November.

    • RS, I’ve yet to see anyone give an honest assessment of how long it will take to undo the damage the Obami have done. And I have a feeling that those in the GOP who would win and go back to business-as-usual know that something is different now. They damn well better realize that something’s different: people are watching and ready to hold their representatives accountable.

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