Razzle dazzle

To cover the self-admitted “political folly” of voting for Obamacare, what should poor Democrats Socialists do? 

Razzle-dazzle, of course.

James Carville to Obama: repackage your economic plan.

Heh.  I’m not sure you can repackage something quite so stinky: according to the Health and Human Services Secretary of Texas, Obamacare will cost our state almost 20 times Waxman’s estimate.  Allahpundit:

Waxman says it’ll cost $1.4 billion, Tom Suehs says it’s more like, oh, $27 billion.

See why real math education is a problem?

In all seriousness, as Gateway Pundit put it earlier, “It has begun.”

What might that be?

Democrat Socialist “Representative” (I use the term loosely) cancels local townhalls for safety fears.

He writes of Tim Ryan (D S-OH):

In his cancellation notice his staff made clear:

“Don’t get me wrong, Congressman Ryan will debate anyone, anytime.”

He’ll debate anyone at anytime.
…Just not in public and not at a town hall meeting.

[Oh, so easy with the abundance of low-lying fruit, it almost feels bad to laugh at such stupidity.  Almost.]

Much like Pundette, I’m suffering from Obama fatigue:

I’m feeling too cynical and burned out to comment much. I think my outrage meter is broken.

Dittto.  Especially when I realize that we’re only a YEAR into his term. 

Adiuva nos, Deus.  (I think we need coffee and excellent pastries to tide us over.  ; )


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