Why we fight: a reminder

We need more Republicans like this fellow.

The Other McCain profiled Vernon Parker, the Mayor of Paradise Valley, Arizona who seeks the GOP nomination for a House seat in the  American Spectator.

Upon Parker’s acceptance to Georgetown Law sans a scholarship offer:

“I owned a house. I sold it.… My grandmother of 75 stated cleaning houses again, and my mother started cleaning houses. My brother gave me everything that he had,” Parker recalls. “I bought a one-way ticket… and I’ll never forget going to the airport that evening, and seeing about 20 people there with me… and the tears that were flowing down their faces. When I turned down that jet walkway and turned and looked at them, I realized that me going to law school was not as an individual, but as something for my family, something for my community.”


McCain writes:

That’s the American dream he wants to preserve for future generations.

The American Dream: the ability to work for what you want in life.

Thank you for the reminder, Stacy.

Oh, Parker happens to be a black man.  To any MSM “journalists” out there: I know it might come as a total shock to you that I, Tea Partying Radical that I am, would be so excited about a black Republican who believes in the American Dream.  Lives it.  Wants others to have the same opportunity–to labor and enjoy its fruits.  

Unlike the false meme you hawk daily to an ever-dwindling readership, I am no racist.  Nor are the vast majority of people like me.  We want opportunity for all Americans.  The opportunity to dream big and work for it.  Not to have it doled out dependent upon skin color and varied degrees of victimhood.

Related today: Black conservative Tea Partiers take heat.   Another Black Conservative is featured in the article and explains himself further.

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