Something to make you smile with your first cup of coffee

Via Hot Air, no surprise but smile-inducing nonetheless: GOP enthusiasm still increasing for midterms.

Additional reasons to smile: unlike Rasmussen, Gallup only polls “adults” not “likely voters.”  Allahpundit explains:

Republican enthusiasm has increased in the last three weeks, going from 39% on March 14th to 54% now. . . .

The enthusiasm gap keeps widening in favor of Republicans, and that is significant.  The anger from the radical Democratic agenda has GOP voters motivated and in an activist mood.  That is apart from the normally better turnout of Republicans in the general adult population (the kind of sampling used by Gallup), and it doesn’t just include registered Republicans.  Independents will be more motivated this year to show up at the polls and vote against the Democrats they helped elect in the last two election cycles.

This is, of course, contrary to the popular meme that delusional Democrats Socialists and the media propagate on a daily basis, that Obamacare will save them in November. 

But some seem to be on the learning curve: Democrat Socialist (who voted for this garbage) says there’s no requirement to buy insurance.  Huh?  Maybe she had to vote on it to learn what was in it, too.


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