Media attack the ivory tower?

Since when has academia been cast in a negative light? From the AP:  Pope’s ivory tower past adds to his detachment.

 Long before entering Vatican life, Pope Benedict XVI won renown as a theologian and a German university professor, penning more than 40 books and winning a devoted following of students who respected his prodigious memory and brilliant mind.

One thing absent from his resumé? Significant time as a parish priest.

Joseph Ratzinger, the future pope, only worked 15 months tending to a flock in the 59 years since taking his vows, instead closing himself in the ivory tower of academia — a background that may help account for his troubled handling of the sex abuse crisis engulfing the church.

For one, it adds to the impression of an out-of-touch pontiff who simply doesn’t grasp the enormity of the fury around the world over mounting evidence of sex abuse by priests, and inaction on the part of the Vatican and Benedict himself.

Let’s pretend:

Barak Obama, the future president, never worked in the private sector, instead closing himself in the ivory tower of academia and the seamy underbelly of radical Chicago politics–a background that may help account for his troubled handling of the recession, foreign policy, and the attempt to disarm the nation in the face of myriad threats.

For one, it adds to the impression of an out-of-touch president who simply doesn’t grasp the enormity of  the fury around the country over the passage of Obamacare.


The papal smears continue:

But in his native Germany, the prominent Der Spiegel magazine has already declared his papacy a failure, speaking in its most recent issue of “the tragedy of a man who had set out to write books and, only near the end of his life, was summoned to assume the Herculean office at the Vatican.”

Even the pope’s staunchest admirers say he’s not the best manager.

“Benedict XVI is only infallible as an authoritative teacher of the faith, not as an administrator,” noted the Rev. Joseph Fessio, who wrote his doctoral dissertation under Ratzinger and participates in the annual “student circle” discussions Benedict hosts each summer with his former students.

Pundette has much more on the media attempts to discredit Benedict. 

H/T: pjHusband.


5 Responses

  1. I read the Anchoress regularly (which is not to say often!) but I know of her from First Things. I’ll check out pundette. God bless.

  2. I hope you will take the time to see this from a non-secular point of view. Truth is, Ratzinger did TONS about the problem. And he loathes the fact that it happened, ever. Almost all allegations, though, are decades old. If you want to have the other side, to balance what secularists have said, read here:


    If you will try to educate yourself, we might spread it to the world.

    • I’m surprised you feel as though I’m not an advocate of the Pope. I linked here (and have in the past) to more in-depth explanations of the current “scandal” hyped by the press, and the fact that the priest at the center of it all has been long discredited. My point here was exposing the media bias more than anything else. Hence my use of “papal smears” and “media attempts to discredit Benedict.”

      • Then I’m sorry, and it seems I agree with you! I’m getting a bit sensitive at all the negative press for our German Shepherd.

        May I amend my comment? “I hope people will take the time…If people would try to educate themselves…

        Thanks for clearing that up. God bless.

      • No worries. I understand–it’s difficult not to be sensitive and quick to defend the Pope and the Church against the media blitz. I hope you’re familiar with Pundette and the Anchoress, they do a much better job than I do.

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