Don’t send the thank you card just yet

Our arrogant President mocks the few who pay taxes and the majority of whom feel they’re taxed too much. 

Via Hot Air:

President Barack Obama said Thursday he’s amused by the anti-tax tea party protests that have been taking place around Tax Day.

Obama told a fundraiser in Miami that he’s cut taxes, contrary to the claims of protesters.

“You would think they’d be saying thank you,” he said.

Amused, eh? 

I’ll be amused, too, Mr. President.  In November.

And don’t expect your card in the mail.

Allahpundit notes:

Let’s see. For starters, he’s lying: He has raised some taxes, contrary to his campaign pledge two years ago. But more than that, he seems almost to be laughing at people for being concerned about deficits. Did we or did we not learn just last night that a majority of tea partiers think their taxes are fair? They’re not some fanatic “zero tax” movement, in other words. They’re willing to pay what they’re paying now; what they want is a government small enough to make ends meet with what they’re paying. By The One’s logic, if he lowered the top marginal income tax bracket to one percent, we should expect tea partiers to fall on their knees and shout hallelujah even though it would mean annual deficits many times the trillion-dollar leviathans we’re currently saddled with. Anyone think that would happen? Anyone except Obama not yet grasp that conservatives want fiscal responsibility, not lower taxes at any and all costs?

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2 Responses

  1. Absolutely he’s lying. He lowered a few taxes just so he can say he lowered them but has raised a ton. And this is not counting the Bush tax cuts he’s going to let expire and not counting the taxes for his obama socialized healthcare. Good call PJ. I was thinking of blogging this myself. This man is an obamination.

    If I day goes by and there isn’t another outrage from this administration, it’s got to be a blue moon.

    • I know and you know and we all know he’s lying. The question is, will that knowledge transfer to November? Let’s hope so.

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