Successful humor requires truth (or, Obama’s wildest dreams, part two).

Which is why Fuzislipper’s “faux news” hits so close to home:

Reports from top White House aides suggest that, based on the 2010 Census, each American family will be adopting one low income family of four for every $50,000 they make per year.  While there is a complicated formula being considered, particularly for those families and individuals who have more than one home, every American family is urged to begin clearing 1,000 square feet of space in their homes to accommodate their adopted family.  Those who do not have 1,000 square feet to spare–this is determined that each adopted low income family must have a minimum of 1,000 square feet in which to live; the adopting or sponsor family will be required to have a minimum of 550 square feet in which to live–will have a choice of either purchasing a second home for their adopted family or of signing over their home to the government.  The formula is still in the works, but reports are that each home must meet the 1,550 square feet minimum by 2014 or the home will be seized by imminent domain, demolished, and a new, suitable home that meets government standards will be erected to accommodate the new guidelines.

Go read the rest.

More funnies for the day: Mark Steyn’s Spelt Check. h/t Pundette.

UPDATE: Linked at Another Black Conservative as one of the Blogs of the Day. Thanks!


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