“South of the border photos” for money: reason 10,007 to homeschool

Ah, the list grows longer.

Courtesy Pundette, a local reason to homeschool:

A Bethesda middle school student allegedly rented his iPod Touch to classmates who clicked through images of female classmates and other girls in various states of undress, according to Montgomery County police who are investigating the sexting at Pyle Middle School.

Didya catch that?  Middle school.

But at least the young perv in question was honing his entreprenurial skills, right? 

Last week, Pyle officials caught one of the students who paid to use the iPod and shut down the operation, Cpl. Daniel Friz said Friday. Since then, the iPod’s owner has been identified, Friz said, and police are trying to determine how a middle school boy came to amass such a large collection of provocative images.

And what’s provocative these days?

Friz said detectives are working to identify and interview the girls in the images to learn how they were taken and distributed. The police want to make sure the girls were not coerced into posing.

The problem is, Friz said, most of the images are close-ups of body parts and there are not many faces.

“If you have a photo of only south of the border, you aren’t going to do a lineup,” Friz said.

Depersonalize those girls early.

Another laugh:

Montgomery police began investigating Thursday and are trying to determine whether any crimes were committed, Friz said. It is also unclear how much money changed hands, he said.

“From a middle school perspective, I can’t imagine it would be very much,” he said.

You can’t imagine, eh?  Given what the middle schooler accomplished–coerce dozens of middle school and high school girls to take nude photos of themselves–I wouldn’t be surprised if he amassed a small fortune doing so.

Pundette’s take:

This sounds a lot like child pornography, doesn’t it? And it’s made by and for children. How clever of them.

Where are the parents?  How could you not know your child has amassed his own porn collection?

And the principal’s letter home isn’t exactly inspiring:

In the April Pyle Phyle (available on the school website), I expressed concerns about trends in the student use of technology. The inappropriate use of cell phones, social networking sites, email, and general internet use can seriously affect our learning environment.

Over the past three years, we have informed students, staff, and parents about internet safety through assemblies, parent seminars, round table discussions and classroom lessons. Our focus has been on addressing the use of technology in a positive and productive manner. We remain steadfast in our commitment to confront these challenges and will do everything possible to raise awareness and ensure that our students and school community can learn from this experience.

Three years worth of lessons, assemblies, seminars and discussions, eh?  That’s encouraging.



2 Responses

  1. Isn’t it interesting the kinds of behaviors authorities view as “inappropriate”? That’s a word that used to be applied to minor transgressions like wearing clothing that didn’t quite suit the occasion.

    This young entrepreneur is going to grow up seeing himself written into many made-for-young teens movies, if he didn’t pick up the idea from some raunchy teen flick.

    • Or if he didn’t grow up around men who whip out their phones and say, “Look at who I’m dating.”

      And agreed re the “inappropriate.”

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