The movers arrive in how many days? (Various and sundry)

Pardon the intermittent blogging: it’s getting a little nuttier here at Chez PJ with no end in sight.

Here’s a quick must-read list du jour to tide y’all over, though.

As per my I ♥ Chris Christie post earlier this week, Michael Medved on the politics of “fat” candidates.  Considering Corzine made snide cracks regarding Christie’s weight during the gubernatorial campaign, you can bet it will come up again if he runs for another (pray:  higher) office.

Massive taxes comin’ our way, do dah, do dah.  

First Navy SEAL cleared of all charges of beating an Iraqi detainee.  More here.  Best line from the NYT story:

The trial of three SEALs, the Navy’s elite special forces unit, in the abuse case has outraged many Americans who see it as coddling terrorists.

See it like it is.  Cassy Fiano:

When you throw in the fact that Al Qaeda’s own training manual tells operatives to claim torture and abuse if captured, it’s a wonder that the prosecution went forward at all. It’s an outrage that the Department of Defense would go after these three heroes, these honorable men, based on nothing but the word of the mastermind of the brutal murders of four American men. It’s beyond an outrage. I’m so excited, relieved, and happy to hear that Huertas has been cleared of all charges, but I’m still spitting mad that charges were ever brought to begin with.

Pundette on one Chicago liar subpoenaing another.  Heh.  Should make for courtroom fun, no?

UPDATE: Many thanks to Pundette for the link.


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  1. […] The movers arrive in how many days? (Various and sundry) […]

  2. Massive taxes are coming our way. Obama even openned the door to the VAT tax. I blogged about it yesterday. This will be pitch fork time if he really pushes the VAT.

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