Turn of phrase

Pundette highlighted this masterful sentence, eloquently expressed by none other than Victor Davis Hanson on the Potluck the other day (English geeks, prepare to swoon):

(In response to all this, I am trying to restore this 1870 two-story house to its original appearance, in and out, as much as I can ascertain in photographs from my great-great-grandmother’s era, though I confess it is a questionable expenditure of scarce funds: I’m 56, spend most of my time at Stanford these days, am not sure any of my three children wish to live here, grant that it is now to be in the city-limits, accept that it is no longer a homestead farm, and its vineyards, barn, shed, and barnyard are virtual, realize that the environs in general, in terms of dog licensing,  policing, crime, community, is pre-civilizational, and am foolishly spending what I can on the idea of it, of trying to ensure the memory of the 19th century survives the chaos of the 21st in one tiny place for a decade more or so, of in reactionary fashion protesting against the world of 2010, of aiding the memory of all those now dead I remember so well in the 1950s and 1960s in these rooms.)

(I love the artful ability to create monster sentences that glide off the tongue).

Worthy reading, take a look-see here

VDH prescribes a heady dose of common-sense cures for California’s ever-increasing woes: 

All of which raises the question: how would we return to sanity in California, a state as naturally beautiful and endowed and developed by our ancestors as it has been sucked dry by our parasitic generation? The medicine would be harder than the malady, and I just cannot see it happening, as much as I love the state, admire many of its citizens, and see glimmers of hope in the most unlikely places every day.

After all, in no particular order, we would have to close the borders; adopt English immersion in our schools; give up on the salad bowl and return to the melting pot; assimilate, intermarry, and integrate legal immigrants; curb entitlements and use the money to fix infrastructure like roads, bridges, airports, trains, etc.; build 4-5 new damns to store water in wet years; update the canal system; return to old policies barring public employee unions; redo pension contracts; cut about 50,000 from the public employee roles; lower income taxes from 10% to 5% to attract businesses back; cut sales taxes to 7%; curb regulations to allow firms to stay; override court orders now curbing cost-saving options in our prisons by systematic legislation; start creating material wealth from our forests; tap more oil, timber, natural gas, and minerals that we have in abundance; deliver water to the farmland we have; build 3-4 nuclear power plants on the coast; adopt a traditional curriculum in our schools; insist on merit pay for teachers; abolish tenure; encourage not oppose more charter schools, vouchers, and home schooling; give tax breaks to private trade and business schools; reinstitute admission requirements and selectivity at the state university system; take unregistered cars off the road; make UC professors teach a class or two more each year; abolish all racial quotas and preferences in reality rather than in name; build a new all weather east-west state freeway  over the Sierra; and on and on.

If New Jersey can elect a real conservative, California can, too.  (But can we clone Chris Christie?)


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