Just a thought

While half-listening to Fox News this morning, one interview caught my interest. A mom of a survivor of the VA Tech shooting debated appeared alongside a NRA staffer to discuss a new (proposed?) Law in Virginia to teach gun safety in public schools.

The mom was livid that anyone would dare teach gun safety and repeatedly said, “That has no place in schools.”

Couldn’t the same be said for condom safety?

That’s just as much a “special interest” as the gun lobby, an argument the mom tried to employ.

Just sayin’.


3 Responses

  1. LOL, the “gun” going off is a great analogy. I think I am in agreement on the gun training and condom training in school. Why don’t they try getting math straightened out and move out from there.

  2. Either way the “gun” could go off unexpectedly and change someone’s life forever!

    I don’t know that I support gun training in school but your point is right on! I don’t support condom training in schools either, so there you have it.

    Good luck with your move!

    • Thanks, Lisa–the packers are halfway through the house. (I’m only halfway crazy) And I like your analogy re the “gun” going off : )

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