A real keyboard

The first in five days. 

I’m slowly making my way through my google reader.  Slowly.  But I’ve managed to update the news sidebar.  So stay tuned, and please bear with me.   Moving with an incredibly bright and sensitive toddler is more heartbreaking than I could have imagined.

pjToddler, upon seeing local landmarks on the way back to the house to clean: “No, no, no, no go empty house.”

Later: “Mad at empty house.”

How do you console your kid when trying to hold back tears of your own? 

So pray for our transition, as it’s going to be a long one until we’re cross-country and in our new home.

More to come.

6 Responses

  1. Prayers

  2. Thank goodness she has sensitive, loving parents to see her through.

    • ; ) thanks, Jill. Hope all is well on your end and sorry we weren’t able to link up again. Hope to do so again, place tbd.

  3. Ah, poor tyke. It’s a hard transition on children. Here’s a prayer for you and your family. God give you all strength.

    • Thanks, Manny. We’re blessed to be staying with good friends until the next phase of the journey starts. And pjToddler is having fun with instant siblings ; )

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