“The sonogram stands as an unimpeachable oracle.”

Via PundetteJeanette Pryor writes of feminism and its defend-abortion-at-all-costs stance in light of a new law in Oklahoma which forces women to have an ultrasound exam before receiving an abortion:

The sonogram stands as an unimpeachable oracle. Turning back to gaze at the perfectly formed toes and fingers, at the beating heart, and cord bonding the baby to the mother who the baby’s whole universe, the nature of the choice at the heart of the “Pro-Choice” question can no longer be camouflaged. The mother can choose to endure temporary suffering, or she can sever the cord, burn and cut the little toes and fingers, and stop the beating heart.

If we establish that women have the right to thus slaughter their babies, we establish as moral one’s right to kill another in order to avoid personal suffering. We cannot, however, destroy another life, without obliterating the very foundation of our rights.

Read the rest.  Pundette calls it intellectual honesty.  I’d say at it’s finest.


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