My I ♥ Chris Christie post of the week

Seems Allahpundit shares my crush.

Dude, I’m starting to think this might be the guy. A solid first term, then reelection in 2014, and suddenly the wide-open 2016 primaries are right around the corner…

I said the same thing a month ago.  Get with it, man. ; )  Go watch Christie (verbally) thump a reporter.  Worth it.

More today from the Hill:

In a movie version of this important story of our time, the bold, undaunted officeholder would look much like the boyish, handsome David Cameron — Great Britain’s new Conservative prime minister — who called on his countrymen Tuesday to embrace an “age of austerity.”

But this is America. So the fearless leader willing to be honest with voters, to part with what cannot be paid for, is actually not dashing, nor is he eloquent. He is an overweight Bruce Springsteen devotee, a former prosecutor with a remaining trace of a Turnpike accent who is intent on rescuing New Jersey. If he succeeds, Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) could become a major political force in the years to come, whether he likes it or not. 

As the United States watches a debt crisis in Greece like a fiscal oil spill, waiting to see where it will spread first and when it will make landfall on our shores, Christie is tackling the nation’s worst state deficit — $10.7 billion of a $29.3 billion budget. In doing so, Christie has become the politician so many Americans crave, one willing to lose his job. Indeed, Christie is doing something unheard of: governing as a Republican in a blue state, just as he campaigned, making good on promises, acting like his last election is behind him. 

And after four years of the Obami, let’s pray folks will be willing to overlook how “dashing” someone is on camera with a ‘prompter and props and vote for the man who can do the job.  Seriously.  RTR.

UPDATE: Linked by Pundette.  Thanks!


One Response

  1. I’m smitten, too.

    I disagree with The Hill on Christie not being eloquent. I think he’s far more eloquent than Obama, who can’t speak without a prompter, and even with one spouts hackneyed, empty prose. Obama can’t speak on his feet because he can’t be honest with us about what he really believes. Christie, on the other hand, can just let her rip. Very rare, and refreshing.

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