NYT celebrates new reality of Obama’s America

From today’s installment in the series, “The New Poor

Many of the jobs lost during the recession are not coming back.  Period.

For the last two years, the weak economy has provided an opportunity for employers to do what they would have done anyway: dismiss millions of people — like file clerks, ticket agents and autoworkers — who were displaced by technological advances and international trade.

The phasing out of these positions might have been accomplished through less painful means like attrition, buyouts or more incremental layoffs. But because of the recession, winter came early.

Less painful means?  An opportunity to do what they would have done anyway?  Evil bastards!  And so much for bias-free writing. 

The author never mentions the new reality of what the Obami have wrought.

Like millions of other Americans, I have friends and family who have lost their jobs in this economy.  And not because evil employers are out to slash jobs, but because the current administration has made every effort to hurt the private sector as much as possible.  Period.


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