Today’s could-have-been-an-Onion-headline Award

Goes to the Navy Times: Hold fire, earn a medal.  Seriously.  No joke–I thought it was.

U.S. troops in Afghanistan could soon be awarded a medal for not doing something, a precedent-setting award that would be given for “courageous restraint” for holding fire to save civilian lives.

It was a British idea.  (Withholding comment, but our own chain of command has obviously given it thought.  God help us.)

A voice of reason:

A spokesman for the 2.2 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars, the nation’s largest group of combat veterans, thinks the award would cause confusion among the ranks and send a bad signal.

“The self-protections built into the rules of engagement are clear, and the decision to return fire must be made instantly based on training and the threat,” said Joe Davis, a spokesman for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. “The enemy already hides among noncombatants, and targets them, too. The creation of such an award will only embolden their actions and put more American and noncombatant lives in jeopardy. Let’s not rush to create something that no one wants to present posthumously.”

My sentiments exactly.


3 Responses

  1. Does anybody back home know what its like to have a suspected jihadi in your sights and to have to make the decision to terminate when you’ve got a young mom and her kids in the spray zone? With a toddler playing across the street in your periphery? And you don’t have clear ID for the target?

    Anybody who says the guy who doesn’t squeeze it in that spot is a coward doesn’t deserve the freedom of speech that others have died for.

    Obama sure wouldn’t have the guts to hold fire in that spot.

    What people don’t get back home is that we have a MISSION. The MISSION is to free A-stan of the taliban and to keep the terrorists off our home field. YOUR home field. Every orphan we make creates three future terrorists. Every innocent mom included in the collteral damage makes ten future terorists. It takes a hekuva lot of resolve to risk your life for the sake of the MISSION. When you delay the kill to minimize collateral you are risking your life for the sake of others and for the MISSION.

    Read your Bible, turn off the talk radio, and pray on it. Ask the Lord for Wisdom and Discernment. Ask yourself whether Jesus Christ himself would hold fire in that situation. Then ask yourself if holding fire to save a kid is cowardly.

    What answers do you get?

  2. Confusion? I don’t think so. I agree with the VFW guy that the message would be, “Let the enemy live, especially if he is hiding in a civilian area behind some woman’s birkha and a bunch of innocent children. If by some miracle you manage to survive, we’ll give you a medal.”

    Personally, I prefer General Patton’s advice: “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.”

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