Grand opening of what on 9.11.11 at Ground Zero?!

A mosque.  (Or a mosque-that-isn’t-a-mosque.   A “cultural center” with prayer space.)  Haven’t you heard? 

Mark Steyn, at his eloquent best:

So, in the ruins of a building reduced to rubble in the name of Islam, a temple to Islam will arise.

There is something especially profane about this.  I wonder if the 9.11 families will be able to raise enough of a stink.  Hope so

Allahpundit calls the date a “show of solidarity” with Americans.  Indeed.  The solidarity of rubbing our noses in it.  His praise:

And yet, as repulsive as this is, so ingeniously does it exploit liberal pieties about multiculturalism that I almost want to congratulate the people behind it for their canniness.

Agreed.  Congratulate them and send ’em on their merry way.  With friends like these…

More Allahpundit:

If this is all about “healing the wounds,” then presumably there’ll be no objection to moving the center if the public makes clear that it doesn’t want to be “healed” in this particular way, right?

As with the majority of Americans who agree with the Arizona immigration law, we’ll be told that we’re in the wrong, and to shove it.

Remember in November.  Elect people who reflect the values and common sense of the American public at large. 



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