On the road again (various and sundry)

Light posting ahead for a few days as the next leg of our westward-ho begins.  Will attempt to learn to copy and paste on a lilliputian keyboard.  No promises, but will keep the google reader (left sidebar) updated.

Hmm… more Americans identify as pro-life again this year.  Gallup calls it “the new normal.”  What a good one for a change, eh?

Megan McArdle: Obamacare already costs more than we thought it would.  Oops.  She writes:

Henry Waxman canceled his War on Accounting, not because there was a sudden breakout of common sense on Capitol Hill, but because his committee’s investigation revealed that companies had begun exploring whether they should drop their health insurance plans entirely–a move that would cost over $100 billion thanks to the huge new subsidies the government would have to dole out.

Meanwhile, the CBO just came out and said that the health care reform was slated to cost $115 billion more than they said it would.  Why?  Because they didn’t have time to calculate the effects on discretionary spending such as new administrative capacity, demonstration projects, and continuation of successful short-term initiatives.  As my fiance notes, Olympia Snowe’s demands to slow down the process suddenly seem a lot more reasonable.

I’m with you: Pundette feels the world’s gone topsy-turvy with the latest nanny-state nonsense.  Also at the Potluck, NiceDeb has a sharp video contrasting our illustrious Attorney General (whose dog ate his homework) and Lt. Col. Allan West, of whom I’m a fan.

Excellent WSJ reading: The Democrats’ Civil War .  Kim Strassel highlights the current trend in Democrat primaries to push the party further left as the country rights itself.  Of course we only hear via  MSM that the GOP is tearing itself apart.  The DNC staffer I had the privilege of sitting next to on  a three-hour flight relished telling me about the war within the Republican party as she sipped her coke as if that alone were enough to save her party come November.  

More excellent WSJ reading: Detroit razes 10,000 homes including Mitt Romney’s childhood abode.  What’s frightening?  Tear down 10,000 and 80,000 abandoned buildings will remain.

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