Moving observations

First, my apologies for being as absent as I have been; the move, our first with a child, was more difficult than I imagined.  Enough said. 

A few interesting observations from our month of homeless wandering:

The husband-and-wife pair who picked up our household goods on the East Coast own their truck and have their own business handling cross-country hauls.  They are ready to quit for lack of work; the jobs they have had over the last four months aren’t enough to cover expenses.  Keep in mind that folks like this aren’t counted in unemployment stats as they’re self-employed. 

Likewise, the fellow who hauled our things out of storage owns his own truck.  He stays in business by picking up odd jobs but isn’t sure of his ability to weather this recession.  He says all the private sector moves have dried up.  Completely.  The military moves aren’t enough to keep him in business. 

Interesting and a little frightening at the same time, eh? 

Meanwhile, our Dear Leader parties like it’s 1999.  As Pundette said this morning, “Let us eat cake.”  More:

But the first couple welcomes all opportunities to dress up and be seen on ET. It’s a public service. In times of trouble, the commoners our nation is uplifted by the first lady’s ability to keep up appearances:
“The president and first lady were announced and walked to their seats at front row center. FLOTUS is wearing a stunning silver strapless dress with a large crystal necklace with what looks like two small fabric bows on either side. Designer unknown to pooler.”


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