“Now we’re all blaming George for something in our family.”

So says Laura Bush of the family’s response to our Dear Leader pinning the blame on W for everything under the sun. 

“We’ve almost gotten where we think it’s funny,” the former first lady added.

(Oh, how I miss them).

In the spirit, pjHusband and I have also started blaming Bush for all our ills: the misbehaving toddler who refuses to bathe, the unpacked boxes in the garage, the dirty dishes that didn’t fit in the dishwasher cycle.   Heck, it’s his fault we all have colds and that I threw my back out this weekend and had to get a shot in the rear.  See how easy it is?  No wonder it’s the Obama’s favorite game!

Courtesy fellow Potlucker nosheepleshere, some art to illustrate the point.


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