Surprise, surprise, surprise: 49% say Democrats too liberal UPDATED.

And too violent.  Head over to P&P to see NC Rep. Bob Etheridge put a young college student in a headlock.   Doug Powers @ Michelle Malkin writes:

You know when you go up to your member of Congress and ask if they support the president’s agenda how they almost always take a swipe at you and then put you in a semi headlock? Yeah, Democrat Rep. Bob Etheridge of N. Carolina did that to a student who approached him on the street.

Etheridge’s opponent Renee Ellmers’ campaign might get some advertising mileage out of this one (suggested slogan: “I’ll focus my swings on knocking out the debt instead of my constituents”).

ROTFL.  Lucky for Etheridge, he’s in a R+2 district! 

AJ Strata says he’s ashamed of his government (but not his country) for the “first time” in his life.  (I wonder if Michelle feels the same way watching the video.)  He also notes that if the roles were reversed and the student had placed the esteemed Representative in a headlock, charges would be pending.  He’s right, but it would be ALL OVER the news as well, and the kid would be painted as an evil Tea Partier gone wrong.  (“What’s become of our  youth?!”)

Back to the too liberal part.  Michael Barone:

From the Gallup organization comes the news that 49% of Americans believe that the Democrats are “too liberal.” This is only slightly below the all-time high of 50%, recorded in 1994, when Democrats suffered their worst defeat in congressional elections since 1946. In addition, that 49% is significantly larger than the 43% who believe that the Republicans are “too conservative.” As Gallup analyst Jeffrey Jones puts it, “Currently, by 49% to 40%, more Americans perceive the Democratic Party as too liberal than say the Republican Party is too conservative, giving the Republicans an advantage in an important election year.”

Interestingly enough, though, the number of self-identified “liberals” who feel their party o’ choice has become “too conservative” has more than doubled to 14%.  

 UPDATED: A Democrat bemoans the damage Obama does to fellow Democrats.  (h/t Hot Air Headlines).  Choice snippet: 

Of the weekend’s worrisome Obama stories, the first was Politico’s Roger Simon’s interview with Obama, published in full today, in which his self-defense about how he’s handled the BP oil disaster sounded whiny and juvenile, and raised big questions about whether he’s capable of fighting the battles he needs to enter and win to move the country forward. The other was Matt Bai’s “Democrat in Chief?” in the New York Times Magazine, which showed that Obama and his team seem more focused on protecting the “brand” that they believe galvanized millions of new voters, young voters and independents in 2008, to potentially realign American politics, than with helping Democrats hold the House and Senate.

Emphasis mine.

How’s that hopenchange workin’ out for ya?


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