Even coffee won’t help at this point tab dump

Three cups in and the fog hasn’t lifted.

Some Steyn to get you going, h/t Jen-Ru: The lessons of a Jewish Cemetary.  Steyn witticisms, eloquently written, and profoundly moving, all rolled into one.

No dead cat bounce: Obama approval drops to 41% in Rasmussen.  Ed Morrissey writes that if speechifying won’t save Obama, nothing will.

Say it ain’t so, Gray Lady: Even the NYT notices (that Obama’s moratorium “fix”) is the wrong solution.

Depressing: No, We can’t (just plug the hole).  Excellent summation of why the oil will keep spewing for a while.

More depressing: if the government were trying to screw this all up, would it be doing anything differently

Never let a crisis go to waste: $7-a-gallon-gas

Hilarious parentheticals: Sally Quinn gives Hilary a merit badge.

More later, once fog has cleared.

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