And you call this Catholic higher education?

From the WSJ:  Another Catholic University Fails a Litmus Test

Some faculty (100 out of 1161) are up in arms at Marquette over the university’s decisions to rescind an offer to a “sexuality scholar” to become Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.   Compared to the other two–albeit male–in the pool for the job, said “sexuality scholar’s” resume was thin. 

The specific nature of the job at issue—as dean Ms. O’Brien would have been charged with helping to implement Ex Corde Ecclesiae, Pope John Paul II’s 1990 apostolic constitution intended to revitalize Catholic higher education—may have driven Marquette to back off this particular appointment. But the real story here is that in the upside-down world of Catholic higher education, there is more status in hiring a sexuality scholar who denigrates Catholic teachings on sexuality and marriage than in choosing a serious scholar who might actually support Catholic teachings.

Of the three finalists for the position, Ms. O’Brien was the first choice, even though her publication record was minimal in comparison with the others. Though all three had led academic departments, the two male candidates also had grant-writing success and prestigious publication records.

Ms. O’Brien published articles such as “How Big is your God? Queer Christian Social Movements.” One of the male finalists wrote a book on the French Revolution that won an award from the American Historical Association. Ms. O’Brien published a “gender switching” article describing online homoerotic behavior entitled “Changing the Subject.” One of the other finalists received funding for 17 major research grants and listed dozens of publications on his 19-page vita.

Why would a “sexuality scholar” want to teach–let alone fill a leadership position charged with revitalizing Catholic higher education–when Catholic teaching obviously isn’t her cup of tea?


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  1. Excellent question. I think the answer is that many are simply trying to use the Church for their own advantage.

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