Brewer 2, Obama 1

This cannot end well for Obama even if he decides to shred the Constitution a little more via amnesty-by-decree.


3 Responses

  1. I’m for using our states rights.
    Love Jan Brewer…..Many Republican Governors across the nation are really stepping it up. I see good things in the future, if we can grab hold of our future before it’s too late, that is.

    • I’m impressed with Brewer, too. We’re lucky to have so many fiesty conservative women! And I agree re seizing our future… Welcome and I hope you stick around! I just saw that you’re another foodie who loves Our Best Bites! I think they rock!

  2. Agreed, this cannot end well for BO. She’s not going to put up with this, and he’s going to find out that the states do have power when the feds drop the ball.

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