Oil disaster and what does he do?

Appoint a gaggle of lawyers and environmentalists, of course.  They’ll have all the answers. (One, primarily: no more drilling! Let them suffer and walk!)

On Obama’s BP Commission Sham:

there are two scientists, no engineers, and no real representatives of the oil and gas industry. The panel is primarily made up of lawyers, environmentalists and career politicians.

 One of the members is president of the National Resources Defense Council, one of five environmental groups that has filed an appeal to Judge Feldman’s ruling against the deepwater drilling moratorium

Head over to RedState  to count the lawyers and find out who should have manned the commission.  It’s shameful. (Not that shame could ever stop the Chicago way).  A few Republicans are crying foul, though not loud enough.  Remember in November.

For a reality check of what’s going on in the Gulf, head over to And So it Goes in Shreveport.  Great reads here and here on why Thad Allen needs the boot (not Salazar’s) and the criminal negligence of the Obami.

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