Recovery Summer? Not so much.

Ho-hum: Jobless claims dropped, only because so many people gave up their search.  Add in factory orders “unexpectedly” tanking and Obama’s self-proclaimed “recovery summer” becomes even more laughable.  Except it’s pretty hard to laugh when you watch friends and family struggle to find jobs and see the economic prospects of your children diminish with every passing day of this administration.

 Professor Jacobson says Obama figured out how to drop the jobless rate:

stifle the economy and scare employers into not hiring that people simply give up looking for jobs, and therefore are not counted in the unemployment rate.


Via Instapundit, the “Scariest Jobs Chart Gets Even Uglier” at Newsalert:


Crazy, isn’t it?  Want to see something crazier?  An Obama minion loudly proclaiming that The One has created more jobs in the last 8 months than Bush did in 8 years.  At this point,  you have to laugh at the idiocy.  H/T: fellow military wife Amy Proctor

Backyard Conservative asks if we’re on the verge of a lost decade and has another graph of the day.  Anne also points to this WSJ article and cautions us (and Republicans in the House and Senate) to be wary of the “new” Obama suddenly sooooo worried about our deficits (that, um, he inflated).  He’s about to use his “worry” to hike taxes massively, which will stifle growth even further.

AJ Strata:

Deficit spending through the bloated and lethargic federal bureaucracy never creates economic stimulus or growth. Government has and always will be a mechanism to either tamp down economic gyrations (best case) or drag down economies as they suck the life blood out of the private sector (worst case). Not enough controls and market cycles create damage. Too much micromanagement and then the innovation and inspiration dry up and the whole thing collapses.  

Is that where we are now, collapse?


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