“African ingenuity.” Indeed.

From Mark Shea’s blog at National Catholic Register.

He writes of the “life-giving” use:

White First World Population Planners are perpetually bent on reducing the carbon footprint of impoverished third world countries they deem to have “too many children”.  They have to fly all over the world on hundreds of jets every year to make sure that some guy burning a few sticks to cook his dinner in Kenya doesn’t suck up all the resources that are rightfully ours.

I would add that those “population planners” are all liberals (like this one) bent on controlling every aspect of everyone else’s lives but their own.   And I would add that said liberal population planners don’t see the resources as “rightfully ours,” rather theirs and theirs alone. 

Remember Al Gore’s house, the monster-energy-consumer?  Or Ashton Kutcher, the 7mpg environmentalist?

Just sayin’.

H/T Hot Air Headlines.

UPDATE: linked by Pundette, a “Recommended Read.”  Thanks!


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