Ginsburg: abortion the means to choose “life’s destiny”

The irony abounds.

She meant “your own,” of course, not that of your unborn child.

In her own words

“Over a generation of young women have grown up, understanding they can control their own reproductive capacity, and in fact their life’s destiny,” Ginsburg said in rare public remarks. “We will never go back to the way it once was.” 

I guess Ginsburg is unfamiliar with the Gallup poll.  

Oh wait, we who disagree are just mean-spirited folks trampling on the poor:

Ginsburg said that any changes in access to abortion simply hurts poor women. 

“If people realize that, maybe they will have a different attitude,” she said. 

 Not so much.  Poor women can choose not to have sex unless they’re willing to have a baby.  Or, heck even use that newfangled birth control.  It’s found at the local drugstore.

Abortion is not a convenient form of birth control to be used “to change [one’s] life’s destiny.”

It’s murder.



One Response

  1. Abortion is the ultimate vilation of human rights. Pro-life is winning the argument. Ginsburg ought to be ashame of herself for using that phrasing. “Life’s destiny” my foot. It’s amazing how evil can come in the form of a little old woman.

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