GOP better get a clue, grow a pair

The GOP represents us how? Republicans divided on the importance of an agenda for midterm elections

(Oh, while they’re laughing behind our backs). H/T: Dan Riehl

There’s a reason Sharron Angle threatens both Democrats and establishment Republicans alike.   Mark Tapscott calls her the “Patton of the West”:

This woman has a remarkably long and successful record of heroically speaking and acting truth to power, and winning against all odds.

That ought to make her a hero to everybody who cares about forcing politicians at all levels and in all parties to cut the BS and just tell us the straight, unvarnished truth about the state of affairs in government.

From the WSJ interview, a must read:

Sharron Angle’s first foray into activism was when her son was held back in kindergarten in 1983 and ‘the poor little guy was made to feel like a failure. He hated school.’ She wanted to home school him, but the school system and the courts said no. Her response was to open a one-room school with a Christian-based curriculum. It soon had 24 students.

“‘I didn’t realize how many other parents were angry with the school system,’ she recalls. She charged $125 a month to cover the cost of supplies but taught for free. (Mrs. Angle has a degree in education from the University of Nevada, Reno.)

In 1985 she rallied hundreds of parents behind her successful effort to pass a bill through the Nevada legislature allowing parents to home school anywhere in the state. The result of her effort is that in Nevada home schooling has become a popular alternative to the public schools, and Mrs. Angle is referred to as the ‘home school heroine.'”

No wonder they attempt to portray her as a kook: she’s a Mama Grizzly who gets things done.

Tapscott comments:

You want change to believe in, there it is, friends and neighbors. One concerned citizen resolves to make something right and overcomes all the opposition to make it happen


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