Mea culpa.

Sherrodgate has turned into such a topsy-turvy circus that it’s taken a few days to figure out. (And I’m sure this isn’t the end of it). 

Ms. Sherrod, I apologize for believing you abused your power as a government worker to discriminate against white people.


1. Shirley Sherrod deserves her job back.

2.  The NAACP crowd deserves the handslap–not Sherrod.

3.  The Obami sure are touchy these days.

Jonah Goldberg:

I think she should get her job back. I think she’s owed apologies from pretty much everyone, including my good friend Andrew Breitbart. I generally think Andrew is on the side of the angels and a great champion of the cause. He says he received the video in its edited form and I believe him. But the relevant question is, Would he have done the same thing over again if he had seen the full video from the outset? I’d like to think he wouldn’t have.

However, I disagree with Goldberg’s next point in part:

Because to knowingly turn this woman into a racist in order to fight fire with fire with the NAACP is unacceptable. When it seemed that Sherrod was a racist who abused her power, exposing her and the NAACP’s hypocrisy was perfectly fair game. But now that we have the benefit of knowing the facts, the equation is completely different.

Shirley Sherrod recognized and recovered from her own racism (and overcame much to get to that point); however, the assent and nodding from the audience was and is as much of the story as Sherrod, especially considering the presence of the NAACP President.  For that, I still believe  Breitbart was in the right in exposing the tape he received.  When the popular meme exists that tea partiers are de facto racists, it’s worth noting that the folks bobbing their heads in assent to racism ain’t tea partiers.  I believe that was Breitbart’s point, especially after last week’s NAACP tea-partiers-are-all-racist-bastards-who-want-to-bring-us-down resolution.  Just sayin’.  Should Sherrod have lost her job when *she* wasn’t in the wrong?  No.  (Though that says something, doesn’t it, of the Obama administration’s willingness to throw their own under the bus?  Yup. Though it might happen again…)

Goldberg disagrees

Great minds think alike.

8 Responses

  1. LOL, I didn’t see the last until now. (Naptime never happened. Doh!) You’re not coming off harsh at all–just forcing me to write more. lol. I’m so sick of this!

  2. Actually, I’ve yet to comment anywhere about her losing her job. That is a totally separate issue, one that is getting entwined, no doubt, but totally separate. That was the result of BO and his administration reacting without information and in response to the NAACP statement (the NAACP had the tape, and reports say Jealous himself was there!). Her firing has roused some sympathy (yes, even from me), but that’s not the story here. It never was. That’s why I find all these mea culpas so . . . well, frustrating. We’re all bummed out that she lost her job (or were, she’s going to make out like a bandit now), but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a racist Marxist. She’s dropping the “racist” slander on Fox now, and they didn’t even report the story until after she was fired. This woman is no hero. And she is no victim.

    • Fuzi–you’re right. Sherrod isn’t a hero. I apologized because I felt like I attacked her in a specific way that turned out to be wrong. If you look at my original post re Sherrod, I condemned her for being a government worker that chose not to help a white guy in her work for the government. That wasn’t true. That’s the only reason I issued a “mea culpa.” I still believe Breitbart was right to let the video fly forth because it showed something else–the NAACP crowd’s assenting racism. I just read Dan Riehl’s piece at Human Events and will post later–it’s going to be a naptime post because I’ve run out of time this morning.

      • Oh! I’m not picking on you. I think you’re amazing. I’m just frustrated at the right in general, and I’m SO sorry I’m taking it out on you. A lot of people thought the same thing you did when they first saw that tape–but all I heard was her saying she was (to borrow a leftie phrase) adding nuance to her hatred: it’s not just about white and black, let’s toss in some haves and have nots to spice things up. She’s a hater, and she’s a hater who not only knows (and spelled out) the game but sought to shift the rules a bit to better achieve her own version of “social justice.” Repellent.

        Sherrod is now demanding that Breitbart’s sites be shut down, she’s still slandering Fox falsely, and she’s got about as much empathy for anyone as any other racist Marxist progressive loon. You’ve not said it, but others have said she’s a hero, someone who’s a victim here, someone to admire. I’d sooner admire BO himself than her. (well, okay, that’s going a bit too far, but you get my drift.)

        Again, I’m sorry that I’m coming off harsh to you–it’s so not you. Enjoy your day 🙂

  3. Fuzi, I agree with you–but if we fired all the socialist progressives espousing class warfare currently working for the federal government, my guess is that DC would be emptied out in a jiffy.

    Manny–the whole thing is a mess. Though I agree with the Anchoress, in that Sherrod shouldn’t take the job back, but write a book instead. She does have quite a life story. Not that she’s transcended race, but … stealing from Andy McCarthy this morning, transferred her animosity elsewhere. I also saw something (can’t remember where now) re her husband’s “one degree of separation” from the uber-left, i.e. involvement with Ayers in the 70s. It’s a small, small world, huh?

  4. I agree with both parts of your assessment, but I think she should get her job back. Losing a job is serious stuff and needs to be from a defiitive action. The whole thing is blurred at this point.

  5. Well, she did abuse her job as a government worker to discriminate against white people, but that was 20 years ago, and she’s since decided that pitting races against each other isn’t as effective as espousing class warfare in the pursuit of what can only be described as a socialist progressive (i.e. anti-American) agenda. I fail to see a huge difference. But I have oodles of respect for you and for your posting this. 😀

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