In all fairness to Colorado voters

of which I am now one, Tom Tancredo’s announcement today that he’ll run as a third-party candidate isn’t as much of a disaster as everyone says it is

If you had to choose between a plagiarist or a jerk-with-his-hand-in-the-money-pot in the GOP primary–neither of whom will withdraw from the race despite both having massive ethical problems–then the idea of ANY option other than Democrat is better than, well, a jerk as the Republican nominee. 

That said, I hope the Tancredo announcement forces the hand of the GOP to somehow dump the eventual candidate.  Don’t ask me how.  Just get rid of him.


2 Responses

  1. I’m sorry. It does sound like a loss now. No way the Republican Party can dump a legitamely won primary. And Tancredo will certainly draw votes away. Disaster. Circular firing squad.

  2. The Colorado Republican party has been putting up lackluster at best, slimy at worst statewide candidates for twenty years. Tancredo has always been seen as an outsider and the Republican insiders have never made any effort to fight the ‘bomb thrower’ description in the local press.
    Let’s not forget that Dick Wadhams was the genius who could not construct a counter campaign to ‘Macaca” in Virginia in 2008.
    I’ll take my chances and spend my money with Tancredo. At least I know he won’t fold up and fade like Beauprez did when the Democrats whine that it’s not fair to point out facts about their candidates actions.

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