Why waste time on an organization that honors and promotes duty and honor?

Especially when you have none. 

From CNS via Memeorandum:

President Barack Obama, the honorary chairman of the Boy Scouts of America, will not speak in-person before the group on Wednesday at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia, as part of the organization’s 100th anniversary celebration. However, the president is sending a videotaped message to the scouts for Wednesday, the same day he will be in Manhattan to tape an appearance for ABC TV’s talk show “The View.”

Bob Dries, chairman of national news and media at the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree – a gathering that happens every four years and attracts thousands of scouts from around the world – told CNSNews.com that the organization was told on Monday that the president had scheduling conflicts and would not be speaking in-person at the week-long event.


Obama’s three predecessors spoke at the event – George H. W. Bush in 1989 and Bill Clinton in 1998 in-person, and George W. Bush who spoke via video in 2001 when bad weather prevented him from traveling. George W. Bush did speak in-person at the 2005 Jamboree.
First Lady Nancy Reagan addressed the Jamboree in 1985, the first year someone from the White House had spoken there since President Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Michelle will be too busy frolicking in a 2900$ hotel room or checking out the breakfast buffet.

Jim Hoft:

Maybe they’ll call him “sexy” again?


Heck, who can blame Obama: the BSA crowd, unlike the uber-liberal Girl Scouts, isn’t exactly composed of Obami flag-wavers. Why do something if it won’t add to your shameless self-promotion?


6 Responses

  1. First, Obama didn’t skip the Jamboree to make a television appearance. The decision to go to New Jersey made it possible to do the New York stop, but not going to do the View wouldn’t have made it possible to make the Jamboree.

    The claim he decided on Barbara Walters instead of Bob Mazzuca is false. I think lies are bad enough, but when they falsely make the Scouts the butt of the barb, I think a lie becomes particularly despicable.

    Second, FDR set up the first Jamboree — which was cancelled — and made the second, partly because he hosted it essentially on his back lawn. Truman made the Jamboree, even dragging Gen. Eisenhower along. Eisenhower skipped both Jambos while he was president. Johnson went in 1964. Nixon skipped.

    You would be accurate to say that, until Nancy Reagan, Democratic Presidents went, and Republican Presidents sent their wives — until George Bush I.

    Obama sent his Secretary of Defense, a Distinguished Eagle Scout. I guess that trumps Reagan sending his wife, so Reagan’s still a scumbag on your artificial values scoreboard.

    My beef is that people who don’t know what they’re talking about — such as your misrecitation of history — get their panties in a wad about silly stuff. In this case, it’s false silly stuff.

    Do you really give a darn? When was the last post you made lauding any Scout? When was the last time you gave Scouting the time of day?

    (Oh, yeah — back in March you kicked at the Girl Scouts, telling people not to buy their cookies because the girls are evil — again on a false charge (Girl Scouts did not distribute the pamphlet you claimed). Is this getting to be a habit with you, that the only time you mention Scouting is to denigrate Scouts, and always on false pretenses?)

    Classless? Self-promotion? Obama didn’t put Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts between him and the people he wanted to screw over.

    Yeah, you have time to retract, get your wits, and apologize to Scouting — both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

    • My husband is a Scout leader. I support him in those efforts.

      No apologies headed your way, so get off that bandwagon.

      I will never allow my daughter to have any affiliation with the Girl Scouts for myriad reasons. This, however, is an alternative sans literature with abortion, masturbation, and more “tough choices” girls face.

  2. You’re right, perhaps. Ronald Reagan must have been the most anti-American president ever — he avoided two National Jamborees.

    And Bush? He jilted the Scouts in the heat, a few dozen were hospitalized, 400 treated for heat exhaustion — then “remembered” and showed up to apologize a few days later.

    And what a scum Dwight Eisenhower was by your standards!

    I look forward to your posts denigrating these presidents. How soon will you have them up?

    • Presidents hadn’t attended until Nancy Reagan went in the 80s, so Eisenhower is … way off target, dude. (I guess it’s not ok by your standards to send your wife in your stead).

      As for Obama, my beef isn’t that he didn’t go. He could’ve skipped it, oh, in the name of national security (not that he would know what that is) and that would have been fine. But to skip the invite to make an appearance on an inane morning tv show (“but Michelle actually watches!”) is classless and illustrates yet again his penchant for self-promotion.

  3. Shame on you for trying to make Boy Scouting a political football.

    Barack Obama was a Scout himself, in Indonesia. Alone among presidents since Calvin Coolidge, Barack Obama has actually sat down with Scouts to talk policy, in the Oval Office.

    Where were you on that story?

    Promoting Scouting is one thing. You’re not doing that. Dinging Obama is another. Scouting doesn’t need to be made into a political football.

    You owe Scouts and Scouting an apology. Heck, you owe Obama one, too, but the least you could do is live up to the standards of honesty and citizenship we expect of an 8-year-old boy.

    Can you?

    • Seriously? Shame on ME? For what, thinking the POTUS should prioritize speaking to legions of young men and honoring their commitment to community and country over haggling with a group of catty, sycophantic women to further his own agenda and stoke his already gargantuan ego? Shame on ME?
      Not so much.
      But why am I surprised–he doesn’t know how to honor any commitment to country, at least not his own.
      (And in the interests of full disclosure, you made me choke my coffee with the “owe Obama an apology” and “live up to the standards of honesty and citizenship” bit. Obama, honesty, and citizenship in one breath? ROTFL.)

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