“I would go through hell with a gasoline can” UPDATED: Semper Fi!

So says Lt. Col. Allen West when asked if he would repeat the actions he deemed necessary to protect his troops–actions which led to a reprimand, fine, and his retirement. 

He is incredibly upfront explaining the situation and its aftermath.  Watch.  As a military wife, I find West’s willingness to put his career–his family’s livelihood–on the line in order to protect his men humbling, impressive, inspirational.  Not all would do the same in his shoes.

Thank you, sir. 

H/T: Allahpundit.

UPDATE:  Cassy Fiano interviews retired Marine Nick Popaditch, a conservative challenging a Democrat incumbent for the 51st district seat in California. 

When asked why he decided to run:

Serving as a Marine, you see people in Iraq, you see people who have never known freedom, and over there fighting it made me realize that a guy like me, I’d always known it. I’ve always been American, I’ve always had freedom and liberty here, prosperity, everything that those generations before mine have built — the greatest economy on Earth, and all that freedom that I’ve been born into. So I looked at my government once I got home, and, you know, what are we going to pass down to the next generation? And I didn’t like the answer. So, I know General Mattis, he was my commanding general, and he said “You ask a Marine to move a piano, you gotta start by pickin’ up the bench”, and so I decided to get involved. I decided to run for Congress. I looked at my congressman, and I said, you gotta figure out if this is something the people want, is it constitutional, is it moral, and is it ethical? And I felt my congressman was getting the answer to every one of those questions wrong. So I decided I could do a better job, it’s the time to do it, and it’s basically the chain of custody with all that freedom and prosperity that generations before me handed down to me. What are we going to hand down to the next? If we don’t get involved, we’re not going to hand the same things down. This current administration is handing away liberty, selling out our prosperity, on a daily basis. So, yeah, it’s time to get in there and make a stand.

As the Marines would say, Hoo-rah!  With men like these, we have a fighting chance of returning to our roots–liberty and limited government. 

Read the rest of Fiano’s interview (she’s another proud military wife, btw) and check out her website.

Support the campaigns of Allen West and Nick Popaditch.

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