Various and Sundry (naptime edition)

Obama received a lovely birthday card from the voters in Missouri.  It looks something like this:

Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill apparently fails to understand what 71.1% of voters in her state had to say regarding their disdain of the Obamacare mandate:

“I think there has been … a lot of noise about the mandate that people have gotten so focused on that they don’t realize that there’s going to be more access and affordability and more choices,” she said.

Because we’re all going to love it once we find out what’s in it, right?

Not so much.

Allahpundit notes:

As she understands it, the message from last night is, “We’re still too ignorant and/or partisan to understand how great ObamaCare is.” Which fits right in with how she’s spun this boondoggle all along: It’s not the law itself that’s the problem, it’s the fact that Democrats “overpromised” on it. Poor liberals, forever having their ingenious policies tripped up by inept “messaging.”

And now that the Journolistas can’t help craft the message, the Democrats are left upstream without a paddle.  What a pity, eh?

Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite news anchor can’t conceal her disdainful liberal sneering about Sarah Palin on camera.  Hit up HotAir for the video.  I can’t bear Katie Couric.   Cubachi labels Couric a malcontent snob.  If the Prada fits…

On a lighter note, head here for pictures of the aurora borealis in Michigan from the recent solar storms.  Amazingly beautiful.

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  1. This was absolutely glorious, and gives me real hope that it will be repealed. I think Obama is on a crash course for a referendum on this in his 2012 re-election which could easily make him a one termer.

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