Gynecology in the Ancient World 101: Why American colleges & universities are going bust

Supporting Instapundit’s higher education bubble hypothesis, the sometimes-conservative Kathleen Parker highlights a large part of the problem in American colleges and universities: course requisites. She writes:

It is generally true that you get what you pay for, but not necessarily
when it comes to higher education.
A study scheduled for release Monday about the value of a college
education, at least when it comes to the basics, has found the opposite to be
true in most cases. Forget Harvard and think Lamar.
Indeed, the Texas university, where tuition runs about $7,000 per year
(Harvard’s is $38,000) earns an A to Harvard’s D based on an analysis of the
universities’ commitment to core subjects deemed essential to a well-rounded,
competitive education.

Say it ain’t so!

In other words, Lamar requires courses that Harvard apparently considers
of a lesser value. These include six of the seven subject areas used in the
study to gauge an institution’s commitment to general education: composition,
literature, foreign language at the intermediate level, U.S. government or
history, economics, mathematics, and natural or physical science.
Harvard has comprehensive requirements for only two of these
subjects–composition and science.

Is it any really surprise that Harvard students need not study U.S government or history? Or economics? Heh.

Of the 16 schools (of 714 nationally!) receiving an A: the U.S. Air Force Academy and the U.S. Military Academy.

So why do exclusive, expensive schools fall short on teaching? Myriad reasons, but esteemed leftie faculty apparently don’t like teaching “basics” like U.S. government or history, preferring their own research interests. Where does that leave students?

At Emory University, for example, to fulfill a “History, Society and
Culture” requirement, students may choose from about 600 courses, including
“Gynecology in the Ancient World.” At the University of Wisconsin at
Madison, a “Humanities, Literature and Arts” requirement may be met by
taking an introduction to television.

Isn’t that special? Learning how the Ancient Greeks practiced birth control? That’ll set you up for success working at your local Planned Parenthood, so you, too, can counsel young ladies in the ancient rituals of infanticide. Just in case you’re wondering, Emory tuition will set you back $38,600 this year. With room and board in midtown Atlanta, you’ll be robbed of a cool $50,000. Per year.

(After a quick perusal of Emory’s course offerings, a few things are clear: the “African-American Studies” course list is longer than that of “American” studies. Surprised? No. Looking through the “American” list, over half mention race or segregation. Surprised? No. Disgusted, maybe.)

As more parents and prospective students wise up and realize that going into massive debt for nonsensical “education” isn’t the path to prosperity or success, schools will be forced to give students more educational bang for their buck or go bust. That means refocusing a college degree on subjects worthy of study–history, economics, literature–rather than trendy progressive pet projects and race/class/gender studies.

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3 Responses

  1. Lib professors might teach history if they knew much history, but most are on very shaky ground when it comes to knowing about or appreciating humankind’s past achievements.

    In my experience, few have much of an idea of what happened back before Progressives became “enlightened” to the secrets of the universe.

    • Very true re progressive profs and history. In my experience, they have the knowledge, but the ever-present rose-colored lenses of Marxism, colonialism, neocolonialism, racism, feminism, etc-ism have so completely skewed facts or reality. But such is life.

  2. just like the states going broke , all the same infestations exist , people can’t afford the GREEDY proprietors that are suppose to be service personnel , but choose instead to act like they were worthy of everything because they were in charge , the seven deadly sins are alive and well in the Governments and the Institutes that are only to feed off we the peoples proprietorship’s bounties , not rape and pillage their wares .
    You would think these service people would realize the better they take care of the proprietorship the better they might have it , I wonder what happened ?? I think it was Overpopulation fears , ,

    , by these technicians that led them to formulate process over the years that gutted the economic system so consolidation of wealth would take place and cause the crisis which they could then appear to fix with restrictive regulations that would further limit access to life giving and extending resources , such as the health care bill and Cap and Trade policies would do ;

    Berwick’s First Strike: Susan G. Komen Foundation and Ovarian Cancer Alliance Decry First-Ever Medicare Denials of FDA-Approved Cancer Drugs

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