Sophie’s Choice for Democrats, part II

After the gut-wrenching decision to cut food stamps to save unionized teacher pensions last week, the poor (D)s in Congress have another tough choice ahead: more food stamp cuts to fund Michelle Obama’s pet project “Let’s Move.”


In theory, the cuts aren’t really cuts (as can only happen in DC):

Democrats have turned to the food stamp program because funding increases enacted in the stimulus package last year were already scheduled to phase out over time. The changes proposed in the state aid and nutrition bills would simply cut off that increase early, in March 2014. Because the cuts would not take effect for more than three years, Democratic leaders have voiced the hope that they will be able to stop them in future legislation.

Of course.

Remember all the claims years ago that eeevil Republicans were cutting the funding for school lunches or seniors this that or the other when in reality the “cuts” were a refusal to allow the automatic increase in budgeting to occur? So the school lunch program would receive the same amount of money as before, but the media spin was that the eeevil GOP was slashing the budget?

What goes around, comes around, eh?


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