Obamaitis and Democrats on the Lam

Pardon my respite this weekend.  I am so sick of the news–highly unusual given the life-long addiction–in part, I think, because I’m just so sick of Obama.  Yes, he’s a jackass.  Yes, I mentally vomit every time I see him.  Two.  More.  Years.

But I admit a certain satisfaction when I read things like this:

Throughout this long year, President Obama’s advisers have sometimes looked to Ronald Reagan for comparison and inspiration. If the Gipper could survive a deep recession, low approval ratings and an adverse midterm election in his first two years and win reelection handily two years later, then Obama could easily do the same, they reason.

Seriously?  They think he can channel Ronnie?  Better call an astrologist, Michelle, because she’ll tell you it ain’t possible (and not to take so many vacations).

Jennifer Rubin comments:

Perhaps if Obama did a 180 on his agenda and started expressing affection for Americans and their values, he too could be popular again.

And since we all know that isn’t in the stars, then, sit back, relax, and watch the president lead his Democrats to slaughter.

From Jen-Ru again, a Democrat said this? 

The Obama administration’s policies and programs are not producing real, long lasting results, and there has been no real growth. Put another way, an unprecedented degree of federal government spending and intervention vis-à-vis the $787 billion dollar economic stimulus package, the $81 billion dollar bailouts of GM and Chrysler, and the enactment of health care and financial regulatory and reform bills have done nothing to stimulate our anemic recovery and have fundamentally failed at creating private sector jobs, or generating economic growth necessary for a sustainable, healthy recovery.

It’s only going to get worse when the Bush tax cuts expire.  pjHusband and I wondered yesterday how much more we’ll be paying Uncle Obama.  Part of me wants to know so we can adjust our finances accordingly.  The other part wants to stick my head in the sand. 

Via Michelle Malkin, the Chamber of Commerce economist:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce economist Martin Regalia on Monday said the tax increases advocated by President Obama would essentially kill any chance for an economic rebound. 

“That’s what you’re suggesting, is a corporate bullet in the head,” Regalia said. “That is going to be a bullet in the head for an awful lot of people that are going to be laid off and an awful lot of people who are hoping to get their jobs back.”

We all know how well that “Recovery Summer” is working out.  Read the rest of Malkin’s series, the Obami war on jobs (yes, it’s a series.  In five parts.  More to come, I’m sure).  Doesn’t it send a thrill up your leg to know that your President could care less about destroying 23,000 jobs?  Who knew hope would mean pining for a job and change would be all that’s left in your pocket! 

More from Jen-Ru on the Obama-whisperer driving Democrats into the ditch:

The fury among Democrats shouldn’t be underestimated. A longtime Democratic operative steamed to me: “Valerie Jarret is the Barack-whisperer-in-chief. She has nurtured the myth of Obama’s supernatural powers longer than anyone — second only to her sidekick, Axelrod — and the two of them, and their bad ideas, are at the root of virtually every mistake and overreach out there, especially the ill-fated Muslim-outreach campaign launched in the first hours of the presidency. It was probably Jarrett who told the president it was a good idea to bow down to the king of Saudi Arabia, too.” Ouch.

But wasn’t this an act of bravery and courage, as the left punditocracy has trumpeted? Not for those trying to win elections, the operative explained:

“By getting involved in this issue — which was on a glide path to work out fine at the local level — the president and his team have put every Democrat running for Congress in the crosshairs of an issue that is 70-30 the wrong way. “Mr. Candidate, do you agree with your president?” This is just the latest insult these guys have hurled at Congress. And what do you get? Does your 30% base like you more? I can’t remember a White House with so much contempt for its own party. And why? Because they love the sound of their own voice.”

Keep talkin, Obama-whisperer.  And destroy the Democrats in the process. 

More reads:

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What liberal policies have wrought upon young black men who grow up fatherless: less than 50% graduation rates.  Please, Obama-whisperer, destroy liberalism for at least two generations to come.  We might have a chance saving ourselves from the destruction of entitlement-mentality-social-programs that only limit the opportunities of the poor to break free from the helping-hand-of-big-brother.

New meaning to going postal: duck if you hear Allahu-akbar!  It’s all just workplace violence,  you know.

UPDATE: linked by Pundette as a Recommended Read.  Thanks!


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  1. Obama like Ronald Reagan? Hahaha, that’s a joke. Obama is like Reagan as a yorky is to a great Dane. Yeah I’m sick of Obama too. I have a feeling that they will not let the Bush tax cuts expire. If they do, obama has sealed his one term only presidency.

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